Elvira Vroomen is a Visual Art teacher and designer, based in Amsterdam.


As a teacher she loves to develop art classes and enjoys her work teaching students, ranging from young children to adults. Currently she works at the IJburg College were teachers incorporate Art into their daily lesson plans. Elvira often tries to create interdisciplinary connections between the students' Art lessons and their other classes. She thinks that education in the Arts is an integral part of the development of each person. It is a forum for expression, communication, cultural en historical understanding. In her Art classes she provides student a chance to develop their imagination and learn self reflection and connect with each other! 

Elvira organizes student exhibitions in and outside the school environment and works with galeries as Framer Framed, Neverneverland and the Breitner Academy in Amsterdam.


In 2001 she obtained her BA in Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. In 2018 she starts with her Master Education in Arts at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

Besides her academic education Elvira completed between 2014 and 2015 an internship at Green School in Bali and followed the Green Educators Course.


When she is not teaching you can find her in her studio in the north of Amsterdam which she built herself in a former ship wharf.

Elvira Vroomen presents exclusive bags which tell a story. The bags are made with carefully selected locally sourced residual material.

This makes each product unique which is characterized by strong and feminine silhouettes with clean and sustainable details.

The collection is designed with love in Amsterdam.. and made by a small European artisan family business.

Objects that grow from assets to companions, completely suited to your daily practices.


In her daily life, Elvira enjoys going for long walks with her dog Disko and her husband, practices yoga, participates in cultural life and likes spending time with her friends and family. Elvira is of Indonesian descent and whenever she finds the time she travels to Indonesia and practices her Bahasa.